Make Sure your Script is Running

Want to see how a cronjob in Kubernetes is progressing or if your shell script finished? Use Chrono to have a progress bar on the web for your scripts or containers.

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Step 1
Install the Chrono package for Python:
$ pip install shodan-chrono
If you want Chrono to pick up your API key automatically then set the SHODAN_API_KEY environment variable or initialize the Shodan CLI:
Grab your API key here
$ shodan init YOUR_API_KEY

Step 2
Use the Chrono package in your code:
import chrono

items = [i for i in range(100)]
with chrono.progress("My Script", len(items)) as pb:
    for item in items:
        # Do something
        # Update the progress bar after we've processed the item
Step 3
Keep the dashboard open to see how things are progressing:Open Dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?
    It's available to all Shodan members at no additional cost.
  • What does this do?
    Chrono lets you easily track the progress of a script using a website instead of having to look at the logs of the container, use a more complex metrics management system or keep an eye on the terminal output.
  • Do I need a Shodan API key?
    Yes, you need to provide your API key.
  • How long does it store the data?
    Progress bars expire after 1 week regardless of if they finish or not. Progress bars for tasks that finished expire after 4 hours.

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